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There’s no way to completely eradicate mosquitoes, but there are ways to control them, and that’s what we do! To battle adult mosquitoes, some of which can fly for miles, our team employs different weapons from our varied arsenal to attack the adults wherever and whenever they are a problem. This arsenal is computer and GPS controlled and monitored for the most effective and safe treatments.

When the job calls for massive coverage, we bring out the “big guns” – our fleet of Beechcraft King Air turbine-powered, twin-engine aircrafts, among the safest for use over populated areas while simultaneously covering up to 68,000 acres per night.

All of our chemicals are EDP-approved, and Mosquito Control Services uses fast-acting insecticides that disintegrate in hours. In fact, many of our sprays contain bacteria or synthetic plant extracts that have low toxicity for humans and animals as well as little effect on the environment. We also routinely rotate our control methods to reduce the possibility of mosquitoes building a tolerance, lessening the impact on the environment even further.

Our biologists are constantly monitoring and performing laboratory and field tests to evaluate the efficacy of our programs as well as emerging technologies.

MCS has biologists on staff whose sole responsbility is in the detection and monitoring of disease carrying-mosquitoes. They work closely with state health officials and the Center for Disease Control to provide valuable research data in the study of the encephalitis, Zika, and other mosquito-borne diseases nationwide.

We know that keeping your families safe is everything. That’s why so many communities rely on Mosquito Control Services.

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