While effective, chemical insecticides are not always the best solution. That’s why Mosquito Control Services opts for nature’s technology whenever possible. Once major breeding sites are identified, we transport mosquito fish to these sites and let nature take over. The fish feed on mosquito larvae, providing a biological solution. Noxious, choking fumes are a thing of the past. Mosquito Control Services uses safe, fast-acting insecticides that disintegrate in hours. Many of our sprays contain bacteria or insect growth regulating hormones that have extremely low mammalian toxicity and which have little or no effect on the environment and non-target organisms.


Several other sprays used to control adult mosquitoes are less toxic than aspirin and only slightly more toxic than sea water. Mosquito Control Services practices a fully Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. As a part of that approach, our control efforts are directed by the scientific data we collect. Another aspect of this IPM approach is the routine rotation of the control methods we use. This practice both reduces the possibility of the target insect population building a tolerance to the control methods and lessens the impact on the environment. Regardless of the control product used, our Biologists routinely perform laboratory and field tests to evaluate efficacy and potential for the product to contribute to resistance.