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At Mosquito Control Services, we have all the certifications, equipment, and experts to perform all the different aspects of pest control and rodent control, but we focus our energy and expertise on remedying mosquito problems.

Mosquito Control Services’ dedication is a necessity in the Gulf South due to the presence of virus activity as well as the new legislative regulations associated with FIFRA and the Clean Water Act.

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Our Program

An environmentally safe solution to mosquito control:

  • Aerial pesticide services
  • Droplet testing
  • Chemical efficacy testing and science-based rotation of chemicals

An innovative approach to problem-solving:

  • Clean Water Act and NPDES permits
  • Proper surveillance to avoid violation, citation
  • Guidance on past, current, and future regulations
  • Disease testing
  • Permanent solutions for persistent problems

The safest equipment and the most effective chemicals:

  • GPS tracking and control
  • Safety stops, backfire prevention, secure fuel storage
  • Certified professionals

Vast learning opportunities and educational information:

  • Full staff of medical entomologists, biologists and graduate educators
  • Comprehensive presentations on pesticide safety, disease, and mosquito biology
  • Experience lecturing in YOUR parish

Want to be a part of MCS? Fill out the form above.