What does an Encephalitis Notification mean?

An encephalitis notification found on your door means that West Nile or other encephalitis carrying mosquitoes have been found within a five block radius of your location. Encephalitis notifications are generated whenever one of our mosquito or bird blood samples tests positive for the disease or when the State notifies us of a positive in a human or other animal. Our control crews use a specific protocol to respond to encephalitis when it is detected, but we can still use your help.

Inspect your yard to ensure that mosquitoes are not using it as a nursery. Even that smallest item holding water can breed mosquitoes. Check everything in your yard (including flower pot saucers, bird baths, tires, toys, buckets, etc.). If you can’t get rid of it, flush it with water at least once a week. If you have a pool, make sure that it is kept clean. Protect yourself and your family by reducing your exposure to mosquito bites. Keep mosquitoes out of your home by making sure that all doors and windows fit tightly and that any torn window screens are repaired. If possible, limit the time you spend outdoors at dusk and dawn – this is the time when mosquitoes are most active. Cover up when outside and consider the use of mosquito repellent, making sure to follow all label directions.