Education is an integral part of the Mosquito Control Services program. Since government and mosquito abatement cannot do it alone, we provide extensive and targeted mosquito education programs for the public. We offer presentations to civic groups, schools and businesses, providing easy to read materials and presentations geared toward specific audiences. These presentations include useful tips such as preventing bites, eliminating mosquito breeding around the home and protecting yourself and family from encephalitis. When it comes to disease-carrying mosquitoes, education is vital. When a threat has been detected, our teams go door-to-door with information to help residents better protect themselves. We also work closely with local news media and government agencies to keep information updated and flowing. We’ve learned that keeping people aware and informed is very important in the battle against mosquito-borne diseases.

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  • School Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • Retirement Centers
  • Community Events
  • Clubs or Other Organizations
  • Council and Government Meetings


The battle against mosquitoes cannot be won by governments and mosquito control methods alone. It takes a community! That’s why Mosquito Control Services provides targeted and easy-to-understand public education programs.

Whether it’s an elementary school, a senior center, a fair or festival, our staff provides presentations that engage and enlighten both young and old alike. We explain what we are doing to combat mosquitoes, but, more important, our education programs provide useful protection tips such as preventing bites, eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, and protection from Encephalitis.